Camel racing Dubai

Camel racing Dubai

camel racing DubaiDubai camel racing is an event that is truly not worth missing at all. So if you are planning to visit Dubai for the sake of camel racing then you would be at the best spot to fulfil your desires. The Dubai camel racing event occurs once a year in the form of a racing World Cup, and Dubai horse racing events also take place.


Racing in Dubai

Racing in Dubai is considered to be the most popular an happening event of the country. during these races the stadiums are filled with large crowds that not only come locally but many spectators come from all parts of the world.

During the olden times, both camels and horses were a regular part of each Arab family. These families used to take very good care of their animals, feed them properly, train them for racing events and were also a part of all their important ceremonies ( السباق في دبي ).

Dubai camel racing

As time passed, the interest of people showed a spectacular increase in Dubai camel racing. Due to this fact many racing companies came into existence hence, the local Arabs started benefiting from this business and have since made some very good amount of money.

All that you need to do is to reach the Meydan racecourse and get a seat there. The Meydan racecourse is so beautifully designed that which ever seed you get will give you the best view of all these races.

Dubai horse racing live

However, if you cannot get to the Meydan racecourse then there is no need to worry at all. You can also watch the Dubai camel racing and Dubai horse racing live ( سباق الخيل دبي ) events on your TV or through the social media (  سباق الخيل في دبي ).

Dubai Autodrome racing

There is so much money involved at the racing events in Dubai due to which almost every jockey is found determined to participate in these events. Furthermore, due to the advancements in technology, Dubai Autodrome racing has replaced the jockeys for quite some time now.

The auto drones are mostly seen during the camel racing events these days whereas during the horse racing in dubai events regular jockeys are seen to participate in these events.

Gambling in Dubai

Although all forms of gambling is strictly forbidden in all parts of the UAE but still many locals are found to be involved in gambling practises related to all these racing events. Many reputed gambling in Dubai firms have established there offshore online gambling setups in order to entertain their customers from all across the globe.