Gambling in Dubai

Gambling in DubaiCompared to other countries, gambling in Dubai has its own rules that must be observed. Dubai is a unique urban project built by the world’s most talented architects and city engineers. Over the past 10 years, this Arab city has gained significant popularity among tourists, it is almost impossible to buy housing there, a square meter costs exorbitant money, so most people can only afford to go there and relax for a while.

Gambling in Dubai

The Arab city itself was built in a lifeless desert, and its design and architecture are simply ingenious. It amazes guests with luxurious hotels and beautiful beaches, a sharp contrast between cities and the desert, shopping and entertainment complexes and shopping malls. But for many tourists, when visiting the United Arab Emirates, it is important to find entertainment not only on the beach or souvenir shop, many people ask where in Dubai they can satisfy their need for gambling. Because of this, they may face some problems.

The fact is that when visiting the UAE, it is important to know and comply with local rules and laws. One of the strictest local laws is that gambling in Dubai is prohibited. Moreover, it is quite possible to go to jail for the gambling. Anyone who engages in this activity can be sentenced to 2 years in prison. The UAE law is incredibly harsh and could lead to the extradition of foreigners. Of course, all of the above does not mean at all that a person does not have the opportunity to try their luck.

Casino – the territory of gambling in Dubai

Despite the negative attitude of Islam towards gambling, the UAE government, as part of the development of the tourist attraction of Dubai, has expanded the gambling business within the city. A lot of luxurious casino hotels have been built for a fun pastime for those who like to try their luck. At the same time, only local residents are allowed to enter these places; for UAE citizens, a visit here is prohibited.

Top 5 Casino Hotels in Dubai

The five most popular gambling-friendly casino hotels in Dubai include:

– Fortune Park Hotel. The hotel offers a large casino with a 24-hour bar, and easy access to the city metro.

– Nihal Hotel. Located next to the Al Maktum Bridge. At the disposal of tourists there is a casino with favorable odds for bets, as well as a night club.

– Ivory Grand Hotel. Located next to the Burj al Arab resort. One of the most picturesque and comfortable casino hotels for gambling in Dubai.

– Dorus Hotel. The casino hotel is located near the international airport in the Dubai Festival City area.

– W Dubai – The Palm. Of all the casino hotels listed, W Dubai – The Palm offers the best rates for rooms and in-hotel services.

Dubai horse racing live

The only gambling game officially allowed throughout the UAE is camel racing dubai and Dubai horse racing live. If you are interested in such a pastime, head to the Meydan Racetrack, one of the largest racetracks on the planet.

Racing in Dubai

Dubai hosts one of the most prestigious horse races in the world – the Dubai World Cup Night. Racing in Dubai is not only an important event for all fans of sports, but also a time of great risks ( السباق في دبي ).

Horse racing in Dubai –  سباق الخيل في دبي

More than $ 100 billion worth of bets are accepted on horse racing in Dubai  (  سباق الخيل في دبي ) every year!

Meydan  سباق الخيل دبي-

International tournaments at Meydan ( سباق الخيل دبي ) are impressive with fabulous prize money. Prize funds consist of money donated personally by the emirs of the United Arab Emirates and numerous corporate sponsors. The proceeds from the sale of tickets are also sent there.

Dubai Autodrome

You should keep in mind that it is not at all necessary to book a room in one of the expensive casino hotels when traveling to the UAE. Some type of bets in this country are partly allowed, in particular, on the already mentioned horse races, the Dubai Autodrome as well as shooting. However, there are certain requirements that must be met in advance to ensure bet safety:

– There must be confidence in winning and it must be marked accordingly.

– There must be a designated and approved person who will ensure that the prize is received in case of victory.

– The subject and area of the competition must be determined before bets are allowed.

All of the aforementioned rules ensure that gambling betting in Dubai is much more complex than in the rest of the world, where the player can simply place a bet in the traditional way. However, from any, even the strictest rule, there are exceptions.